The OFFICIAL Punch Buggy Game Rules

The OFFICIAL Classic Punch Buggy Game Rules:

1. Eligible Punch Buggy vehicles include the following:

The "classic"
VW bug, as pictured below

The "classic"
VW convertible, as pictured below

The "classic"
VW vans, as pictured below. ONLY the classic split window bus and the Westfalia styles pictured below count. NO Eurovans, Vanagons or newer vans count.

"classic" split window van


The "classic" single or double cab, pick up truck style VW as pictured below

Single cab

Double cab

The "classic"
VW Thing as pictured below

The following punch values are assigned to each style vehicle as follows:

VW Bug= 1 Punch
VW Bug Convertible= 2 Punches
VW Van (either style)= 2 Punches
VW single or double cab truck= 5 Punches
VW Thing= 5 Punches


2. The players MUST call out "(Color) Punch Buggy(additional info), no punch backs." For example, if you saw a Blue
VW Bug, you would say "Blue Punch Buggy, no punch backs." If you saw a Red VW Convertible Bug, you would say "Red Punch Buggy Convertible, no punch backs." If you saw a Green VW Thing, you would say "Green Punch Buggy Thing, no punch backs." etc

3. The person receiving the punch may not retaliate until the puncher finishes speaking and punching. The person receiving the punch may not retaliate unless the puncher fails to say "no punch back."

4. Punches shall be delivered to the bicep area of the arm of the opposing player. The punch(es) shall be delivered to the arm nearest the puncher. No head punches, rib punches, or (especially) crotch punches. Punches shall be delivered with a force appropriate to the age, physical ability and pain threshold of the person being punched. For example, a 16 year old should not deliver a full force punch to a five year old sibling. Parents may punch children as hard as they deserve! ;o)

5. The Proximity or Familiarity Rule shall apply at all times. Any eligible
VW vehicle that is parked near a player's home or within their regular and customary travels is ineligible. For example, if there is an eligible VW vehicle parked in the driveway en route to the grocery store the driver customarily travels to, it is an ineligible vehicle. This rule is necessary to prevent sabotage by a player familiar with the location of an eligible VW vehicle over a player who is unfamiliar with the area.

6. The driver of the vehicle is encouraged not to play! The driver shall act as referee for any disputes (whether they are playing or not) and may suspend play at any time should the players become unruly, injured or generally annoying.

7. The Cooperative Play Rule shall apply at all times. Persons who wish not to play must not be punched.

8. There is no whining at any time.

9. Any attempt by a player to add any additional rules, conditions or other caveats to the Official Punch Buggy Game Rules shall result in that player being summarily pummeled by other players.

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Blue Punch Buggy, no punch back!

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