The Punch Buggy Game 2.0

The rules for The Punch Buggy Game 2.0 version are basically the same as the Official Punch Buggy Game Rules as published on The Punch Buggy Game Website. The only difference is "New Style" VW Bugs are included in game play and there are different "Punch Values" for new and old vehicles.

A "new" eligible vehicle includes the VW Bug as pictured below

or a VW Convertible Bug as pictured below

The following punch value adjustments apply to The Punch Buggy Game 2.o

"New" VW Bug= 1 Punch
"New" VW Bug Convertible= 1 Punch
Classic VW Bug= 2 Punches
Classic VW Bug Convertible= 3 Punches
VW Van (either style)= 3 Punches
VW single or double cab truck= 5 Punches
VW Thing= 5 Punches

When punching for a "new" punch buggy, the call would be as follows: "New (color) Punch Buggy, no punch backs." For example: for a new, red convertible the call would be "New red convertible Punch Buggy, no punch backs." All other calls for older punch buggies remain the same.

Before game play begins, players must agree whether they are playing the Original Punch Buggy Game or The Punch Buggy Game 2.0 (which may also be called the New Punch Buggy Game).

That's it! Happy Punching!

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  1. how did the punch buggie game start?

  2. What if its a punch buggy in a scrap yard, nothing but the body.. does it count or not ??

  3. Ive been playing it since I was atleast 3 so that's 30 years and I had no idea that all these specific rules were out there but They are great and now that my 9 year old son is into VW Beetles I can teach him these rules.
    A BIG THUMBS UP !!!!

  4. Punch Buggies in scrap yards DO NOT COUNT!

  5. Can you be punched for other 'punch buggies' on the road when you are IN a punch buggy'?

  6. Yes. But you may not be punched for the one you are driving in as it would fall under rule 5.

  7. What if you drive by a vw dealership in an unknown area, like your going to the beach for example, do you cant each bug you can and punch your friend, or its illegible???

  8. If there are 2 ppl in the front and 2 ppl in the back and one of each sees a punch bug can u call punch bug for the same one and therefore the other person in the front and the back gets punched?

  9. Is this for all types of VWs Thats what we were doing, now we just keep it to just red ones because it was getting to painful. Not as many red ones around.


Blue Punch Buggy, no punch back!

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